Time to ditch the plastic this Christmas


Brightly coloured plastic wobbly things.

There are so many unwanted gifts that are useless, or that kids get bored with by Boxing Day that end up in landfill.

How many of you will be decorating your Christmas tables with sparkling glittery crackers? We have all pulled a cracker across the table hoping to win! Moaned at the jokes, put on the golden coloured crown and wondered what the relevance of a spinning top, mini yoyo or minute water pistol had to anyone! Then when all the food has been eaten, the pudding flamed and James Bond watched,  the table is cleared and all the crackers are scooped up for the bin. How many plastic prizes lie in our bins on Christmas Day night? Quite a blooming lot!    

It’s the same with the kids’ stockings. Rammed full of rubbish. Poorly made cheap plastic figurines of the latest craze that gets thrown into a drawer and stays there till there’s a spring clean! Then it’s all tipped into a black bin liner and put into the wheelie bin. Thrown away and forgotten along with the cracker plastic prizes left to clog up the landfill for the next gazillion years. 

Please don’t think we are being baa- humbug here. We love the joy and magic Christmas brings to us all, but we are just going to give the alternatives a try this year. How about wooden toys, woolly hats and board games. Holly sprigs hung up with ribbons. Homemade crackers with chocolates and appalling jokes. It’s a start... Infact John Lewis and Waitrose are doing plastic free crackers this year!

smoc smoc are all for making little changes and taking baby steps to help where we can. Our moto for this Christmas Shopping is - Is it useful? Do we really need it? Can we ditch the plastic? #saveourocean #alternativefabrics #bamboo