Our Partners and Ambassadors

We work with some amazing people and organisations who support our products and company ethos.

Sarah Thomas - AMBASSADOR!

We are delighted to have the legendary Channel Swimmer Record breaker Sarah Thomas as our smoc smoc Ambassador.  Sarah has supported us for a while now and we have always been keen to follow what she is up to. We have a lot of admiration for her sense of drive, determination, motivation and positive self belief not to mention her sporting achievments!  We think these are excellent qualities to have associated with our brand and are so happy to have Sarah on team smoc smoc! 


Open Water World Tour 


The OWWT is a compilation of open water events that are open to anyone with any level of competition.  They are held all over the world in some truly amazing places.  smoc smoc  sponsor the 2 Open Water World Tour winners of the 5 races, 3 continents. 


Open Water World Tour


We Swim Run 

We swim run organise some challenging events that journey through the beautiful Welsh coast and countryside. These events are challenging and very popular.  We support the "we swim run" team and share their environmental awareness and the need to reduce waste and negative impact on areas of outstanding beauty when holding such events. We sponsor a number of their events with smocs for the winners. www.weswimrun.org


Sarah Norquoy

@norq from Ork an Orkney writer

'In January 2019, Sarah’s world was shattered by the death of a close friend and her mother’s dementia diagnosis, both within the space of two weeks. In search of solace from her living grief, she turned to her newfound hobby of wild swimming. With a startlingly honest, authentic, and often humorous voice, Sarah takes you through a year of swimming in Orkney seas whilst adapting to a new way of life with her mother’s declining memory. Sarah’s reflective journey will make you laugh and cry, as she discovers a truth she has always known: that healing comes in waves.''

Check out her inspiring book here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Salt-Skin-Sarah-Kennedy-Norquoy/dp/1916267130/ref=sr_1_1?crid=Z0UWI3NTZSP&dchild=1&keywords=salt+on+my+skin+sarah&qid=1594884064&sprefix=salt+on%2Caps%2C233&sr=8-1