smocs are eco, sustainable, UK made and use bamboo!

The original eco changing robe! 

Cheap mass produced imports or eco aware?

At smoc smoc we believe that we all share the burden of climate change. It is everyone's responsibility to "do their bit" to ensure that the planet is in the best shape possible for our future generations. 

Sourcing sustainable fabrics and accessories, producing and making locally, trying to keep our carbon footprint low - whilst delivering excellent customer service and a quality product whilst trying to remain competitive with cheap, mass produced alternative changing robes is, in all honesty, very tough! Our profit margins are limited.  BUT we feel that it is super important that we can produce an eco smoc that is affordable to the majority and not the minority and that these customers can have a sustainble, eco aware robe for the same cost or cheaper as a mass produced brand.

Needless to say, our small family business focuses on the environmental impact rather than maximum profit.  


It's Bamboo inside! #ecosmoc