smoc care

To care for your smoc is easy.  

The bamboo lining is naturally antibacterial this means that bacteria and therefore nasty odours cannot survive in this environment. Because of this your smoc should not require washing more than twice a year. 

The outer is waterproof coated and with any waterproof garment should not be washed regularly as detergent and the action in a washer reduces waterproof capabilities. If you do wash your smoc then this should be at a very low setting inside out. 

We recommend a quick cold shower down inside and out every now and again to remove any salt or sand. Your smoc should be dried inside out after every use and wash.  Line drying or on a clothes horse next to a radiator is ideal. Never tumble dry. It is important to thoroughly dry the inside of your smoc. It is like a big towel and could get musty if not dried in between uses.  Using a toweling summer smoc underneath will allow for quicker drying and ease of washing. 

Sorry! We will not accept any returns due to washing errors and reduced waterproof effectiveness.