smocs for the homeless are kept out of landfill

We decided that smoc smoc HQ needed a good sort out!  

The office had a few smocs that had been delivered without a storage bag so we couldn't sell them.  These were also from our old range so were totally redundant!

The rain was battering on the office windows and the wind howling in the trees.  It was a grim day in the North Wales hills.  When it rains here - it rains and rains and rains..... 

We decided that we needed to put the smocs to good use.  Not agreeing with single use garments and choking landfill we set off into town with our smocs in search of some new owners.  Before too long we came across "Roy and Brian", two guys who sleep on the streets.  They were huddled under a small baby blanket and were shivering as the rain and wind swept across the pavement. We went to say hello and asked them if they would like to have a smoc.  They were sheepish at first but Sue helped Ray pull on the smoc and Brian was soon eager to put his on.  The hoods came up and they settled back down in their shop doorway.  We left happy in the knowledge that the new owners would now be a bit drier and warmer and that the redundant smocs were now being used.

If you have any change robes that have seen better days - pack them off to a homeless refuge or charity.  Homelessness is cruel at the best of times but in this harsh winter it is a desperate situation.